Six years ago I ran a blog called Authors’ Corner and interviewed a number of up and coming independent authors. I thought it would be fun to see how things had gone for them in the last six years and whether they were still writing.​Today we’re speaking to crime writer Keith Dixon.​Good morning Keith. Welcome to Author’s Corner Revisited. It’s been a while since I interviewed you about your writing, so thank you for agreeing to come along and tell us how things ha […]

Sardines and Bonfires

Once again it’s time to gather around a bonfire on the beach, eat sardines and celebrate the eve of San Juan, which coincides approximately with Midsummer’s Eve. In the Christian calendar the 24th of June is the feast of St John the Baptist, or as he is known in Spain, San Juan. The shortest night of the year, known as Midsummer’s Eve or the Summer Solstice, is in June but the date varies according to the calendar—this year it falls on June 20th —but it is usually e […]