The only blue door

Based on real events.

A gripping read.

A story of courage and endurance.

Imagine you are a twelve-year-old girl; you have a happy life and a family that loves you, then bit by bit your life disintegrates and you find yourself alone, thousands of miles from home.


Joan is still passionate about both the language and history of her adopted home and this is reflected in the books she writes.

A history graduate, turned teacher, then business woman and now an established author, Joan Fallon’s writes both fiction and non-fiction. Although she doesn’t always write in a particular genre, her work encompasses historical fiction, literary women’s fiction, and more recently, crime fiction.

Joan has lived in Spain since 1998 and has become immersed in the culture and language of her adopted home. Spanish history and culture have been the inspiration for many of her books and have provided some exotic settings for them. Joan focuses on two distinct periods in the country’s history, the Spanish Civil War and Moorish Spain. She is particularly interested in social history and her books are filled with those interesting small details that bring the period to life.

Joan also likes to write literary fiction for women, usually featuring a strong female character and exploring the emotions and relationships of the protagonist. Almost all her contemporary novels reflect the challenges that women have to face in the modern world.

Joan Fallon was born in Dumfries, Scotland, from an Irish father and a Scottish mother, so considers herself a Celt, despite the fact that she spent most of her adult life in England. Her father used to write in his spare time, and as a child her home was always full of books; the local library was her second home. Those early influences have stayed with her and have been the reason that she has had a life-long desire to write.

Joan is still passionate about both the language and history of her adopted home and this is reflected in the books she writes.

Many of her books have now been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. 

Joan is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and The Society of Authors

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 You will find a list of all her books below, many of them set in Spain, and be able to read extracts from each of them.

The Ring of Flames

It is 1008 AD, in Córdoba, the capital of the caliphate of Al-Andalus.  When our story opens, al-Mansur has been dead for six years and al-Hisham II, the caliph and rightful ruler of Al-Andalus, continues to live an isolated life

The Thread that Bind Us

Have you ever had a secret that you cannot tell anyone – even your closest friend? Susan’s childhood was full of secrets—‘Don’t tell anyone,’ was her mother’s favourite phrase. So when she discovers that her father had an illegitimate child

Spanish Lavender

SPANISH LAVENDER is a love story set in the Spanish Civil War.    A riveting read of passion and love that spans three generations. Elizabeth is visiting her parents in Málaga when the Spanish Civil War breaks out. All foreigners

The Eye of the Falcon

The Eye of the Falcon is the second novel in a series about Muslim Spain, set in the Andalusian city of Cordoba.  By the end of the 10th century Al-Andalus was a rich and peaceful country, but when the Omayyad


A brilliant read I loved it ! I loved the way each chapter was about a different character in the story and how the whole story linked together. I started the book and could not put it down as I was dying to see what happened to each person and how it would all end. A great story and I have recommended to friends to read it also.

Luis Villasmil

Reader of the ‘The Human Interface’.

The Ring of Flames is an exotic adventure story filled with intrigue, passion, grand battles, and the clash of cultures and loyalties. A rousing finish to the trilogy.

Karen McCann

Author of Dancing in the Fountain


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