Latest release from Joan Fallon:

The latest book in the Jacaranda Dunne mystery series is now available for pre-order on Kindle. All being well, the release date is 15th September for both the paperback version […]

Authors’ Corner: Linda Bennett Pennell

I always find it interesting and inspiring to talk to other authors, and today my interview is with the American author Linda Bennett Pennell, who has been an online acquaintance […]

Visit the towns of Moorish Spain.

In my historical series about Moorish Spain I mention a number of small towns in Andalusia which have played their own part in the history of the region, and I […]

FLAMENCO: the music of Spain

Traditionally, flamenco has always been associated with Spain and the Roma or gypsy way of life, but in fact there was a similar culture of music and dance in southern […]

Pre-order Dark Heart: a Jacaranda Dunne mystery

Book 2 in the Jacaranda Dunne murder mystery series, Dark Heart, is available for pre-order. Both the Kindle version and the paperback will be released on 19th March. By pre-ordering […]

Gypsies in Spain

In my new novel, Book 3 of the Jacaranda Dunne Mysteries, some of my characters are gypsies, so I have been busy finding out all I can about the history […]


Have you ever noticed how the names of a lot of towns in Andalusia end in “de la frontera”?  It used to puzzle me when I first came to Spain, […]