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The latest Jacaranda Dunne mystery

The latest book in the Jacaranda Dunne mystery series is now available for pre-order on Kindle. All being well, the release date is 15th September for both the paperback version and the digital version.

On Midsummer’s Eve the bodies of two young gypsies are found in a solitary spot near a beach in Málaga. It looks like the couple committed suicide—a lovers’ pact to end it all—and the police are quick to close the case. But Jacaranda Dunne, a private investigator who used to work for the Met, thinks otherwise. 

When the cousin of the dead girl asks JD to investigate, he tells her that the man was gay and the girl was pregnant—both reasons to despair when you are a gypsy, but not to commit suicide.

The investigation turns out to be more difficult than usual. Their work is impeded by the culture and customs of the gypsy community, who close ranks against any outside interference, and by a recalcitrant Guardia Civil commander. JD can expect little help from either of them so she and her team devise alternative ways of gathering the evidence. 

At first there seems to be no motive for killing these two young people, but gradually as JD investigates further into the worlds in which they had lived, some unpleasant truths begin to emerge.

If you like detectives who bend the rules you will love JD.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Joan’s latest book Strawberry Moon. Her love of Spain and the Spanish people shines through all her work.
    She has created a character in Jacaranda Dunne – JD— in which we can both believe and empathise with.
    The story of the Gypsy community is well researched and detailed.
    I am looking forward to the next JD offering “Too close to the Wind”

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Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.