Visit the towns of Moorish Spain.

In my historical series about Moorish Spain I mention a number of small towns in Andalusia which have played their own part in the history of the region, and I […]

FLAMENCO: the music of Spain

Traditionally, flamenco has always been associated with Spain and the Roma or gypsy way of life, but in fact there was a similar culture of music and dance in southern […]

Pre-order Dark Heart: a Jacaranda Dunne mystery

Book 2 in the Jacaranda Dunne murder mystery series, Dark Heart, is available for pre-order. Both the Kindle version and the paperback will be released on 19th March. By pre-ordering […]

Gypsies in Spain

In my new novel, Book 3 of the Jacaranda Dunne Mysteries, some of my characters are gypsies, so I have been busy finding out all I can about the history […]


Have you ever noticed how the names of a lot of towns in Andalusia end in “de la frontera”?  It used to puzzle me when I first came to Spain, […]

CEUTA – gateway to the Mediterranean

View of Ceuta I always feel that a location is an important aspect of any book, but maybe more so with historical novels. Those of you who have read books […]

David Penny, author of historical mysteries

Guest interview with David PennyGood morning David. Thank you for being the guest on my blog this month. I see you are writing as prolifically as ever, so it’s good […]

GABI PLUMM actor, narrator and writer

One of the real pleasures of using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is that sometimes you meet really interesting people. The sort of people that you would […]

El Cid, hero or turncoat?

When I was writing ‘The Prisoner,’ book three in The City of Dreams series, I decided to introduce a new character, a Christian mercenary, named Jabalah. I based him on […]