Memory Keepers’ Workshop: a holiday dedicated to writing about the past


Do you have a story to tell?

Have you lived through events that ought to be recorded?

Is there something – fact or fiction – you would like to write for future generations or for your family?

Do you know someone else whose story should be told?

This October J.G. Harlond  and I will be running the second of our Memory Keepers’ Workshops at the beautiful LA FINCA DEL NIÑO in the Spanish countryside, just outside Málaga.  So why not come along and join us.  We can guarantee good food, lovely surroundings and the chance to write up all those stories that you have been planning to pass on to your kids.

The Memory Keepers’ Workshop is a writing holiday designed for beginners, and writers with work-in-progress. Our objective is to help participants develop their writing skills and show them, if required, how to plan and set out a manuscript for publication. It is specifically geared towards people wanting to write about the past, be it an account of real events, an autobiography, biography or historical fiction. Groups are kept to a maximum of twelve, so each participant has time to discuss their work with us and receive personal feedback.

If this is something you have always wanted to do, then get in touch with us on: or or send me a message through my contacts page. 


Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.