She continued to watch Margery while Ian went off to replenish their glasses.  Was it true?  Was she over it?  Was the bitterness still lurking in her soul?  Now that she saw her she was not sure.  True she had pulled her life together and found a new man to love but the sight of Margery after all these years had stirred up some painful memories.  She did not know how to react.  At first she had been surprised to hear from Sylvia that Margery was bringing Harry back to bury him then she had been angry that all the old wounds would be reopened, but now all she could feel was a general sadness, the lowering of spirits that accompanies funerals.  Despite being surrounded by her family she felt the odd one out, he was no longer her husband and she was not his widow, Margery was.  She had not wanted to attend the funeral but in the end she felt it was the correct thing to do.  Now how did she feel about Harry?  What did one normally feel at funerals, sadness for an untimely death, the loss of a loved one, emptiness at the lonely life that stretched ahead?  These did not apply to her anymore, she was not the widow.   She was not even the same woman that Harry had left all those years ago.  That was the big difference, she had changed.


Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.