An exciting read that leaves you wanting to read the sequel


I have just finished reading The King’s Jew by Darius Stransky and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is an exciting story set in the 13th century about the adventures of a young man from very humble beginnings who, through luck and his own merits, rises to be the right hand man of King Edward I. The descriptions of life for the poor, both in the country and the towns are detailed and very realistic, as are the descriptions of the barons and the King’s court. The battles are described with vigour, and for my taste are probably a little too bloody but nevertheless, are very exciting. The main character, Cristian Gilleson, is a fair minded and loyal soldier, whom it is easy to like. As in all good stories there are both likeable and unsavoury characters, but all are true to life. I am not very knowledgeable about this period but it seems to me that Mr Stransky has done a tremendous amount of research for this fast moving and intricate story. My only disappointment was at the end when I realised that I would have to wait for Mr Stransky to write the sequel before I knew what was going to happen to Cristian Gilleson. I hope it is out soon.

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Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.

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