Book signing


My new novel is out and selling well. Published by S&H Publishing and released last month, I am delighted with the cover and the support I have received from my publishers. I’ve been so used to doing everything myself, it’s wonderful having someone else that you can turn to for advice and clarification. Self-publishing is fine and has a number of advantages over traditional publishing, but it is just you, on your own, making all the decisions and doing all the work. I like working in a team, and even though this team is widely spread around the world, it’s amazing how close you can feel when you have emails, conference calls, Skype and a plethora of other electronic communication systems. 

Palette of Secrets is the story of Nancy Miller, an internationally famous artist, who is approaching her eightieth birthday and has been persuaded to write her memoirs. She employs a young Spanish woman, Ana, to help her but soon realises that it was not a good idea. Ana is pleasant, kind and very thorough. Too thorough. She asks too many personal questions. Why does she need to know about Nancy’s husband? Nancy is worried that her secrets, hidden for so long, are now about to be revealed.

​For those of you who live in the south of Spain, I will be signing copies of the book (and others) on Friday 20th May at 11.00 at the Sabinillas English Bookshop in St Luis de Sabinillas (near Estepona). Hope to see you there.

​Otherwise you can find both paperback copies and ebooks on and for those of you who live in the US, direct from S&H Publishing.


Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.