An Unknown Woman is a novel for the modern woman


AN UNKNOWN WOMAN by Jane Davis is an intriguing story of a middle-aged woman who is no longer sure what she wants out of life. A tragic fire destroys her home and, although neither she nor her partner are hurt, the loss of all her possessions affects her so badly that she cannot behave logically. It is as if all that she was as a person has gone up in smoke with the house. She feels so empty that she cannot think about how to proceed, so she goes back to stay with her parents. Instead of regaining her equilibrium, she makes a chance discovery which upsets her even more and causes her to re-examine her relationship with her parents and also with her partner of fifteen years. This is a psychological story about someone who doesn’t know which way to turn because wherever she looks the stability that she took for granted has been destroyed. A fascinating read.


Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.