What brings a character to  life?


They say that all the cells in our body change every seven years—or maybe ten years, depending on what you read. In fact it is not quite so simple. According to scientists, cells replace themselves at different rates depending on their function. Nevertheless I’m sure everyone would agree that you are not the same person today as you were ten or twenty years ago. The question is, would you be a different person today if you could change how you were in the past?
In my latest novel, ‘The Thread That Binds Us,’ there is really only one main protagonist, a woman called Susan, but Susan’s battle is with her other selves
—the Susan of her childhood whose memories are filled with rage, Susan the career woman, ambitious and goal orientated, Susan the somewhat reluctant mother, the wife, the grandmother and the one she has become, a cold woman approaching her sixtieth birthday, who has alienated her son and lied to her husband.
But change is possible and as the story unfolds, Susan discovers her father’s secret life and gradually the ties of the past begin to fall away. You may start out by disliking Susan but I hope by the end of the story you will see her in a different light and with affection.

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Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.