Why do you use Facebook?

Why do you use Facebook? Personally I use it mainly as a marketing tool. With around a billion users, it is a great way to bring my latest books to the attention of readers. However, now that I live in Spain, it is  also a good way to keep in touch with old friends and family members. For example I am now in touch with lots of my Scottish cousins, whom I hadn’t heard from in years.
According to Ingram Spark’s March newsletter, Facebook have recently changed the way in which users receive news. The founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be more family and friends  orientated. He thinks people don’t want to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of posts that do not interest them and I admit I have to agree with him.
So what happens if posts I want to see just don’t show up on my newsfeed? Well I can prioritise the people whose posts I want to see. All you have to do is go to the navigation menu on the left hand side of your FB page and find Newsfeed. Next to it are three dots. Click on them and chose Edit Preferences. Then you  select ‘Priorities – who to see first.’ You can choose up to 30 of your friends.

But how can I continue to use Facebook as a marketing tool? How can I ensure that fans of my books will receive my posts? Well I can, of course, pay to promote my posts or ads. But I can also let people know that if they want to receive my latest posts then they need to go to their newsfeed and prioritise which posts they receive.
So, if you haven’t heard from me lately, it could be that your Facebook page is ignoring my posts. If you’d like to change that then just follow the simple steps above.


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Joan Fallon is a writer and novelist living in Spain.